Seb El Zin, Composer, singer, guitarist, author and founder of ITHAK.

Seb el Zin produced, composed and performed on the Anarchist Republic of Bzzz album, recorded in New York with Arto Lindsay, Marc Ribot, Mike Ladd and Sensational, released on the Sub Rosa and Important Records labels. Seb also plays with the dutch band Naked Wolf (feat. Luc Ex, Gerri Jager…), performs with the ‘Now We Are Here’ ensemble, led by flm director Jonas Mekas (Factory, Warholl, John Lennon…) and was a member of the Mami Chan Band.

Antoine Viard,  Saxophonist and composer of the new parisian jazz scene.  Inspird by Free-Jazz and Rock 90’s he creates “ Pipeline ” and “ Ornetology ” . also part of various projects such as, “UTDPDLR” with Tony Houziaux, « Hippie Diktat » with Richard Comte and Julien Chamla,, « Coax Orchestra », “ Urban Sax ”. He also played with : Evan Parker, Aka Moon, Barry Guy, Tony Malaby, Michel Portal….

Stephane Gasquet, Keyboards and samples. Also plays keyboards and composes for post- rock band OTO SPOOKY, and played in various bands such as Claire Lise, Ulrich Forman, Kery James,
Marie France, Nu Tone .

Thomas Ballarini, Drums and percussion. Constantly creating new sounds using electronic drums and iranian bendir. Thomas assembles new drumkit for every show, integrating infuences from Concrete Music in the set.

the band is usually touring with those 4 musicians but it happens that some extra members join the team such as:

Charlie Dalin, plays percussions on ITHAK’s albums and sometimes in live shows. he started music as a guitarist in punk-metal bands. As a composer, he works along with plastic and visual arts. Fond of Sound Effects, he also participates in experimental and contempory music projects, notably with the« Cabaret Contemporain ». Charlie is also a whistler and birds’ imitator.

Kiki Picasso, the famous graphist of the collective Bazooka designs the stage for some of Ithak’s concerts. Some extracts of his movie ‘Traitement de Substitution » are being projected by

Phil « Rocks » Duroc, the band’s VJ .

Lalla Morte, burlesque dancer, she’s the co-founder of the parisian troupe of Cabaret Dangereux,

Laurent Evuort Orlandi, dancer and comedian.

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